[2016-08-30] React Rewrite - Current Status Meeting

@inkdpixels, @wbehncke, @sebastian


  • have an alpha version of the React UI in December, to ship it with the 3.0 release.

Current State

  • Sebastian reduced the overall complexity and implemented the new manifest approach which is now synchronous instead of the opposite which was the case before. Also he implemented a new render structure in which React will also be used in the guest frame without exposing the lib into the frame itself.
  • Inspector editors work basically (esp. image cropping)
  • Manu is working on Select-Control
  • Editing works “basically”, next steps: Aloha Presets

Next Steps


  • Wilhelm: 4h/week during work time
  • Sebastian: 4-6h/week during work time
  • Tyll: difficult to say (estimated 4-8h/week)


  • Tyll: increase testability
  • Sebastian: I want to be able to edit content. Profit from CKeditor!
  • Wilhelm: help out feature-by-feature

Working Mode:

  • we try to meet once a week asynchronously in the chat to update the status, post meeting minutes
  • open WIP PRs right from start, add checklists of what is missing.

Specific next TODOs

  • Wilhelm: Dimension Selector, Page Tree improvements (help out Markus)
  • Tyll: Testing of the full system (unit tests using Ava)
    • testing Actions + Reducers + Selectors
    • lateron: test React Containers etc.
    • Decision: Use AVA!
  • Sebastian: Content Editing (take NodeType configuration into account); fix content editing bugs

Next virtual meeting: Wednesday, 7th September



Would like to contribute to neos-ui, Any pointers on where I should start. (A page describing an overview of the current codebase would be nice-to-have)

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Hey @kevin,

Do you have a working instance already? If no, head over to https://github.com/neos/neos-ui to install Neos.UI.

Inside the codebase, we’re trying to add READMEs where they make sense; e.g. https://github.com/neos/neos-ui/tree/master/Resources/Private/JavaScript/Host. Still, they still can be improved a lot.

I’d suggest you join #project-ui-rewrite in Slack, then we can help you if you have questions :slight_smile:

All the best,

yep, i do have, Just set one up just now. Will join Slack.