[2016-09-09] React Rewrite - Current Status Meeting


  • currently working on more-advanced CKeditor integration (tables, CKeditor plugins)
  • made good progress on this; still having some questions to the CKeditor team to shape the details.
  • Next Steps: Get the Pull Request Ready (at latest on Friday!)


  • Currently not working actively, doing some housekeeping
  • Will move all state related unit tests to the ava testrunner this weekend I hope (Unless my client requires me to do more work than expected)


  • just got into the React rewrite and plan to work on the dimension switcher, pushed a first WIP to render selected presets and selectors in the drop down, found a problem with nested drop downs


  • just launched a big Neos project, a bit burned out, planning to take a few days of rest and try to get back in, maybe start with finalizing the styling


Next Virtual Meeting: 14.09.2016

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