[2016-09-15] React Rewrite - Current Status Meeting

Hangout Meeting by @christopher and @sebastian


  • so far worked on CKEditor integration and basic Reference Editor
  • next TODO: CRUD of Nodes (“Insert Node Panel”)
    • including constraints
    • later, move/copy
    • later: ReloadIfChanged


  • finalized dimension switcher (not yet with dimension creation)
  • Next: We discussed the way we transfer Nodes from the backend to the React frontend; and decided that we need to do it more “in-band” than we currently do; to play well with caching of Neos.
    • Christopher will change this; so that every cache entry knows its metadata
    • at the end of every cache entry, we write metadata-script-tag with all nodes included in the script tag.
    • we discussed how the Frontend can detect lost updates

General topics

  • @inkdpixels: Any news regarding testing with Ava? Would be great to have some basic test infrastructure running, so we can start writing Reducer etc tests.

  • Inspector still needs to be improved

  • We need to do some detailed performance tracing, sometimes UI still feels sluggish

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Slowly blending into work again. Integrated https://github.com/kadirahq/storybook-addon-knobs, will push it later today.

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Had no time to work on neos sadly, mainly due to the hospital visit and client work on which I need to catch up to now. I hope everything will be sorted out next weekend though.

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Hard to get time time to work on ui. Also sorry for the late reply.