[2016-09-29] React Rewrite - Current Status Meeting

Sebastian, Wilhelm, Dmitri


  • last monday, I fixed UI issues which make the UI feel unstable
  • will review Pull Request regarding tree from Markus
  • currently quite some bugs regarding “add node dialog”, lots of minor styling issues. Focussing on these!
  • currently having a few hours a week working on the UI. Maybe I’ll get some sponsoring from my company!


  • started working on the UI again! Lots of fun to be back :slight_smile:
  • master state recently was somehow broken, but we’re fixing things along the way
  • implemented Main Menu (quite Typoscript-heavy on the backend, so that’s up for review)
  • looked into reference editor; still some work to to regarding selectbox component
  • maybe help @christopher with refactoring the loading of nodes


  • CKEditor: Content Cleaning is integrated!
  • not done too much in the last week
  • on holidays for 2 weeks now
  • afterwards, focus back on React!


  • not much progress for me sadly, I think this will also stay the way it is for the next month :disappointed:


  • a little confused regarding selectbox handling async actions.

    • (Sebastian): basically I couldn’t make a way to have the ajax calls work.
    • Decision: SelectBox Editor should not know about asynchronity; but this should be within the Reference Editor!
    • when containers have local state, that’s totally fine!
  • Discussion regarding Sagas

    • Dmitri surprised to see View Saga
    • do we really need this?
    • -> Extract the root component from the sagas.
  • Discussion regarding Actions:

    • we should ensure that actions contain meaning, i.e. “switchPage” instead of “addNode” 100s of times.
  • Discussion regarding CKEditor - Inline Editing on Inline Elements

    • idea: for editing, render a “div style=display: inline”. Try out if this works out well.
    • maybe go for the more hacky solution, to ignore the span hack.
    • Wilhelm will try this out!

General next steps:

  • focussing on stability!
  • Performance Improvements / Measuring (reduce number of actions to semantic meaning)
  • Create Node
  • Delete Node, Move/Copy Node
  • Move Selectors into Redux-Codebase
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