2018-11-08 UX guild kickoff

Today we had a quick kick-off meeting for bringing the UX guild back to life.

Participants: @robert @rolandschuetz @davidspiola @markusguenther @kayliz @dimaip

The problem: we no longer have a single UX-lead person in charge, yet we have a lot of UX issues.

The solution: we are forming a group of people that will meet once a month and push the UX work forward, asking for external professional help where necessary.

We recognize that for us as a project it’s important to have a proper UX process with a conceptual design-system, but it doesn’t mean we should wait until that process is fully done, so we are starting to tackle the UX issues right away, without waiting for any theoretical discussions to finish.

On the first meeting each of the participants brought his/her biggest UX pain-points to the table. Later we grouped these UX issues into UX journeys: https://github.com/neos/guild-ux/issues

Behind each journey there’ll be a single responsible person pushing it forward, preparing the discussion for the monthly discussions and doing anything else possible in order to push the work forward.

The github repository linked above would be the central point for communication around the UX project, so don’t hesitate to jump-in the discussion on issues there.

The next meeting will take place on 7th December 2018, Friday, 11:00 German time.