504 Gateway Timeout Issue

I have neos CMS hosted on Azure, on opening management/workspaces cause 504 gateway error. Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!

Look in your server logs what is being reported there - depending on your hosting platform and setup they can be located different places.

I checked the log but nothing found at neos end. But once I setup 180 Sec timeout time at Azure end , I can able to access neos WorkSpace page.

What is perfect time to access the page?
Any guideline ? Any suggestion for improvement.

It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds at most. If in general your Neos is slow in backend and frontend you have to check your hosting setup. We cannot help with that easily.
Neos is really fast when the basics of the environment are configured properly.

See also my blog post https://mind-the-seb.de/blog/the-basic-recipe-for-a-fast-neos-cms-website

Thank You, I will look into it.