A "Package" Category

We could create a separate Category to highlight / discuss Packages. This could be a simple and searchable list of community packages until we have something more sophisticated.

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Hey Christopher,

I was thinking of doing exactly that as part of “Showcases” - so not just showcasing final projects, but also open source packages :slight_smile: But that’s open to discussion.

Greets, Sebastian

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Okay, I thought more about finished projects when reading “Showcases”. The “Package” category should be used to post 3rd party packages to act as a kind of listing until we have an official Package listing.

Yeah. We can also do both categories :slight_smile: fine for me!

+1 for two categories. What do you think of

  • Showcases” to present/discuss Neos/Flow Sites/Applications/Packages and
  • Project ideas” to collect/share ideas about (joint) packages?

(I would suggest not to limit this to “packages”)

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I’d suggest to just have a plain “Package” category. So it’s pretty easy to see the most relevant/hot 3rd party packages just by listing the topics. “Project ideas” sounds very broad for me.

“Show & Tell” could be a good name for a combined category.


I like “Show & Tell”!

To quote the initial Discourse guidelines on categories:

So that sounds to me to rather stard with less categories (i.e. one “Show&Tell”) first.

What do you think?


Okay, but then no “Showcase”, because it’s too similar to “Show & Tell” anyway.


what do you think about a “Showcase” category, where people can/should explain what they did with Flow or Neos? E.g. what was the project like, what were technical challenges, what went good and bad, how Neos/Flow helped archieve the challenge they were doing.

The showcase screenshots on the website are a good start, but as there are no technical details behind that at all, I thought it would be great to have a place where these details could be collected.

What do you think?
Greets, Sebastian

Maybe call it “Case study”?

Looking forward to add our showcase projects! :slight_smile:

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Moltin use a channel on Slack called “Show & Tell” exactly for this purpose, nice that we end up with the same proposition.

I added this idea to my proposal for categories in this post:

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