A written walkthrough for contribution to the Neos Flow Framework


I am in search for a written step by step of how to contribute to the Neos Flow Framework.

I can’t figure out the difference between flow-development collection and flow-base-distribution, the structure and what repository to commit to.

Once installed, I have the .gitignore file making it not possible to see changes to framework files (yes I can adjust the file, but is that the idea?).

Following the contribution to Neos CMS leaves me at the same point - so I’m kindly asking for someone with the knowledge and a running development setup to write a walkthrough.

As a show of gratitude and a prove that I got it setup correct, I will submit a PR for a chapter in the Neos Flow documentation about contribution :slight_smile:

(= ‘NOTversioned docs’)

… could this article help you ?

Hi @chkoeppel

Thank your for the response but:

If a similar site exists for the Flow Framework ( I don’t use the Neos CMS product ) I will create the chapter for that instead :slight_smile:

I doubt that a similar site exists for “Flow Framework” :grinning:
BUT, if the following place makes sense for the moment to place ‘your chapter’ … ?

Roland Schütz might give you access to the NeosDocs platform by the link on the bottom of that page …
–> Help Neos Grow (blue button ‘support us’)

Right now I will like to get my code setup going - I’ve ben wanting to introduce a AccontInterface for a while, but I haven’t been able to.

If we should talk about docs, I will be more than happy to move the whole Documentation folder of the Neos.Flow package into docs.neos.io/flow so it gets its own namespace - and then write the chapter.

But one thing at a time

This seems to have went off-topic - and the original question still remains.

Hoping someone will shed some light on it

Flow is still my favourite Framework to date that I’ve worked with!

Hey Soren, let’s get in touch and work this out :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your offer to improve our lacking documentation in that part! Highly appreciated!

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