Absolute URI of selected References in a NodeType

Hi Neos Community,
I have an Issue regarding a NodeType of Type “references”.
I want to list the references I selected in the backend and display them as Links in the Frontend.
So far I managed to display the Names of the Links but I couldnt Link them correctly…
is there a way to get ahold of their Absolute Uri or do I have to create the Uri on my own?


Hi, you can use the NodeUri helper in Fusion for example. Should be no problem.

If you post your current code for the name we can help :slight_smile:

Hey Sebastian,
I just realized that with the “references” Type I can only access the internal links.
I was about to create a NodeType where I can add more links at once (just like an array<Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Asset>) and render them as a List of links on the webpage. Is this possible with the “references” Type or do I need to aproach this from another angle ?

Thanks for your Help.


You can create a list of internal links with references. Just not external ones (as those are not references).
Except if you create a shortcut for each external link and reference it.

Okay understood. Thanks for your fast reply.