Add custom style to Inline Editor

(Willi Zobel) #1

Hey neos community,

is it possible to add custom style (small caps) to the inline editor?


I use neos v4.0 and can’t find any documenation for this config.

Thanks, Willi

(Bastian Heist) #2

I’m quite sure it is, it might not be documented yet because the integration with CKE is still quite new. @dimaip might know where to look?

(Dmitri Pisarev) #3

Hi Willi!
It’s not yet possible to do it via NodeTypes.yaml, as we haven’t come up with a good way to configure it yet.
But it is pretty much possible via the lower level UI extensibility api.
There is an example for CKE4 here:
I strongly urge you to start using CKE5 already, and in that case it’s even simpler, here’s a small sample:
Will try to make a separate demo for that some time.