Adding a Button to the Sidebar

Hello everyone, the Problem i am having is the following:

I want to add a button to randomize the order of the Nodes here:

But i dont understand how to add a Button in an already existing React component.
I was able to remove the component and replace it with some text but thats it.

I was inspired by this guide but that one only replaces the whole bar and doesnt add anything to it.

Alternatively, can I add my own React Component to an exiting Container like “LeftSideBar/ContentTreeToolbar”.

Thanks in Advance.

The flatnav package adds button to the same place in the document tree … maybe this helps GitHub - psmb/Psmb.FlatNav: Custom flat navigation component for Neos CMS

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Thanks for the quick answer but the flatnav package only replaces the whole sidebar as far as i can tell.

I only want to add one button to the toolbar not replace it with a new one if that is possible.