Admin users for Neos Github project

Right now the Neos Team does admin tasks on Github using our shared user “neos-project” and our individual Github users are just part of the team, but without admin rights. While I do see the advantage of protecting us from ourselves, I see a bigger disadvantage in day-to-day work, for example when maintaining things like milestones, labels etc.

I think that Github already offers some good protection against unwanted actions, so I suggest that we give admin rights to the individual users of the Neos team. Any objections?

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I think that we need to maintain a workforce that can react when needed so no objections :smiley:

No objections. To be precise, what you mean is to give the members the “owner” role, right? I started out with a scheme as simple as possible, thinking we didn’t need to do things as owners (that often).

I’d be interested what exactly only “owner” can do…GH is still new to me, after all :wink:

well yes, I also need to figure that out – my key point is just that we can do these kind of tasks as our own users so we basically never have to login as the neos-project owner (because: shared user, no 2FA etc). So, I’ll take a closer look at which roles exist and what we need to maintain labels, milestones etc. might be relevant for this discussion

same goes for