After Composer Update to install Google Analytics Neos does not work


I got this issue, i tried to install Google Analytics Addon in my website following this steps: , but after run composer update the website is not working, homepage displays:

#1346950755: Homepage could not be loaded. Probably you haven’t imported a site yet

And, in administration -> content i have this 500 Error:

Call to a member function getContext() on null

I tried everything, flush caches, among other things and still not works.

Can anybody help me?

My Neos Version is 5.2.0

Best regards

Hi Jose,

you might need to run ./flow doctrine:migrate to it adjusts the database after installation.
Have you tried that?

Hi Sebastian,

Yes, i run that command and nothing happens, everything remains the same :frowning:

Which may be?

But your website works without the Analytics plugin?

No, i tried do rollback but nothing happens.

Can you make sure your site package is still there and is listed with ./flow site:list .
Also check if your database configuration is correct.

Did you change anything manually in one of the core packages by any chance which got lost during the update?

Do you only have one site package?


I solved it by restoring a very old version, I had to upload the content again, luckily it wasn’t much.

Thanks anyway.