Aimeos e-commerce 2017.04 for Flow/Neos

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The first 2017.04.1 Aimeos e-commerce package version has been tagged as stable.
Don’t know what the Aimeos e-commerce framework is? Have a look at

The Flow/Neos package contains a lot of new features and improvements:

  • Full JSON REST API for the shop frontend
  • Overwrite your Aimeos templates by using Fluid templates
  • Flow 4.0 and PHP 7.1 support
  • Controllers totally encapsulate the frontend business logic
  • Simpler checkout process by merged “order” and “process” steps
  • Many improvements for developers to get more with less code

The Aimeos frontend JSON REST API modeled after is now feature complete. You can use it in your mobile apps to remote control Aimeos based online shops, browsing the product catalog and placing orders. Documentation how to use the JSON REST API is available in our Wiki.

Using Fluid templates is also fully supported with this release. You can overwrite all Aimeos templates with your own Fluid templates and you have full access to all Aimeos data. There are specific view helpers available to access Aimeos specific data.

This is the first release that supports Flow 4.0. Support for 3.x has been dropped in version 2017.04 because of the backward incompatible changes between Flow 3.x and 4.0. If you need Aimeos for your Flow 3.x application, you can still use the Aimeos 2016.10 LTS version.

After radically simplifying the template system in the last release, we continued to removed all unnecessary complexity like the two processing steps after the checkout summary. They are now merged into one single step. Furthermore, all related data like product properties or customer addresses can be retrieved together with the product or customer data. There’s no need to write code for fetching them separately any more.

The new release is available via composer and documentation for the first steps is available at GitHub:

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