Alert email for the elderly

I am wondering if the community can advise if anyone has heard of an application I would like to use a Neos Cube camera for.

I have installed a camera in my 91 year young mother’s kitchen. We live 200 miles apart and nthe COVID restrictions make it difficult to visit. I am assuming there is a way that a movement detection can trigger an alert, logically by message or email, but has anyone heard of a method to detect no movement.
My logic is, it is extreamly unlikely that my mother will not visit the kitchen at least once a day. If she doesn’t, then I should be concerned but is it possible for the system to alert me if there is no movement in a 24 hr period.
An unusual request possibly but if it were possible, it would open up a whole new market for Neos equipment

Any suggestions welcome.

Les Wilcock

Hi Les :slight_smile:

You have found your way to the Neos CMS and Neos Flow Framework community - and welcome to you! :slight_smile:

But, I’m afraid that this is not the correct forum to ask about the camera product with the similar name :grinning:

I hope you find a solution and can help take care of your mother :heart_eyes:

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