Allow LinkEditor to link to nodes in different sites

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I’m working on a Neos setup including multiple sites where I want my editors to be able to link between the different sites. For properties of type reference this can be accomplished by setting editorOptions.startingPoint . Shortcuts, however, use the LinkEditor, not the ReferenceEditor, where this setting is not available. Instead, in the query function in LinkEditor.js the parameter contextNode is set to $('#neos-document-metadata').data('neos-site-node-context-path'), so I’m stuck inside the current site.
I could q&d work around this by setting simply setting the parameter to '/sites', but I wonder what a more elegant solution could be? Any hints are welcome :slight_smile:

Jan Syring-Lingenfelder

To my knowledge there isn’t really any easy one at the moment. Closest would be to write your own inspector editor, perhaps by extending the existing one to work around this issue. However the problem is that linking to other sites has only been added in the latest version, but is still a fairly hacky solution due to limitations in the Flow routing.

Anyone found an easy solution to Allow RTE LinkEditor to link to nodes in different sites?

Yes awesome hack: Install the latest UI patch release from today :sunglasses:

But keep it a secret🤫

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Thanks for your Bugfix @sebobo :+1:
I already updated to the latest UI this morning :tada:

If someone is looking for “the” snippet

          startingPoint: '/sites'