Aloha: disable subtype of lists, like neos-list-decimal-leading-zero

Hi again,
have to prevent editors from fancy powerpoint-fired layout and confusing possibilities. Would like to restrict selection to two main types on the top:

  • ul
  • ol

Can’t find help in Dokumentation also searching in Neos-code for «neos-list-decimal-leading-zero» or «neos-list-lower-roman» only matches in js-code.

Is there some yaml directive for more particular advice, than shut down hole parents with

      'ul': false
      'ol': false
Thanks for help

Hey Martin

Don’t think that’s possible as it is now, sorry. Feel free to open a pull request or an issue on Github for making it possible.

Hey aertmann,
No problem. I guess new backend-solution «Without-Aloha» will change a lot: Maybe also this. Or do you think, I should do a pull request because of change this also for Post-Aloha-Time?

Did someone know best practice or docu to include own CSS for Backend?
So I could do my own rule. Think:

.neos #neos-aloha-topmenu .aloha .aloha-ui-menubutton-container .aloha-ui-menubutton-expand{ display:none }

would do the trick :wink:

Not sure, hopefully not as the new editor should be more flexible/configurable. However you’re also the first one I’ve seen request this, so it’s unlikely something that will be tested for.

And yeah that css trick will certainly work, depending on how you include your css either wrap in with the neos:rendering.inBackend view helper or a fusion condition like @if.isInBackend = ${documentNode.context.inBackend}

Thank you.

I’m looking forward to the new and don’t pull a request.
For now and for so little instruction I decided to insert CSS-statement in «front-end» SCSS->CSS. Rocks!