Aloha Editor: to use <abbr>-Tag is strippedElements, formatlesspaste and formatlessPateOption to set?

Hi there,
I would like to use some ```<abbr title=sweet melody">Dubadu````` in the Aloha-Editor.
Unfortunately output is always with the hole Tag because Neos save:

&lt;Dubadu title=\"sweet melody"&gt;Dubadu&lt;\/abbr&gt;
in database.

Is it possible to use «hardcoded»-parts in Aloha-Texteditor and is for this case the aloha-config-part strippedElements in formatlesspaste and formatlessPasteOption?

To be honest I don’t understand the Documentation at this part, also no reaction when I press the button «Keep/Discard formating»:

I tried different aloha-config in yaml-File: not change – no luck …

            # Show toggle button for formatless pasting.
            'button': true
            # Whether the formatless pasting should be enable by default.
            'formatlessPasteOption': false
            # If not set the default setting is used: 'a', 'abbr', 'b', 'bdi', 'bdo', 'cite', 'code', 'del', 'dfn',
            # 'em', 'i', 'ins', 'kbd', 'mark', 'q', 'rp', 'rt', 'ruby', 's', 'samp', 'small', 'strong', 'sub', 'sup',
            # 'time', 'u', 'var'
            'strippedElements': ['abbr']

            'strippedElements': []

            #'strippedElements': ['abbr']
```The code-inline-docu does not help. Don't understand the meaning of. Also no help with google or

<h3>Maybe someone could advice me?</h3>
Is this part of Aloha-yaml ***only*** for «copy & PASTE»-Elements ***from other source***?

If so, is there a way to use «hardcorded tags» like with square brackets [] or so. I tried a big bunch of of approaches. No luck ...

**How I have to config/define, so Neos/Aloha will stop sanitize the ```<abbr>```-tag-part?**

**OR can I copy&paste this part from texteditor as work-around (with some formatlesspaste+options)?**

You have to set it to like 'strippedElements': ['em', 'i', 'ins', etc...] to allow pasting abbr tags when formatless pasting is enabled. But you can also just disable it and then paste abbr tags.

However it looks more like you’re pasting htmlencoded text and not actual html, Aloha doesn’t convert tags into htmlentities.

Hello @aertmann,
Thank you for your help.

Strange: I hack the html-tag by hand in Aloah-Editor:

use the out-of-the-box ContentType «Text» (only with small overwrite)

# Overwrite NodeType TextMixin: hide strong, em, table and alignment
            'strong': FALSE
            'em': FALSE
            'table': FALSE
          'alignment': []

But at the end, I get an htmlentities’d database entry:

And the unliked output:

Also the try with «’» for apostrophe: no change in htmlentities …

What other could do the hmtlentites?

Do I have understand/done something wrong?

How you would do the ``-Tag?

Tried also to escape the «angle brackets» and the «apostrophes» with backslash; also double backslash => htmlentities’d like before …

You can’t do it like that, there’s no way to write html tags in Aloha / contenteditable. You’d need to open the web inspector or similar to do that. Alternatively enter it in the database directly. You can however copy html tags, but it’s tricky due to the nature of contenteditable being tricky.

Thank you aertmann,
so I’m sure I don’t have to dig in other corners.

I like Neos’ flexibility!
Maybe I will expand my own text/headline NodeTypes with an mixin for <abbr>-Tag funktionality.
Perhaps with

  • own properties «abbr-title»
  • do a preg-replace() in fusion
  • for own BB-Code-Style-Tags [abbr] (E.g.: “What is [abbr] this [/abbr]”)
  • in Fluid an according output-Template.

So editor could define the particular place and wrapped word(s).
Have checked: Aloha/Neos doesn’t htmlentities square brackets.

What you are thinking about? Could this be a functional solution? Or do you have a better hint to find a «simple editable by editor» Abbr-Solution?

Maybe have to use a multiline property for more than one <abbr>-Tag in Text. Than preg-replace() line-wise and to "***[abbr-1]***What [/abbr-1] is ***[abbr-2]***this ***[/abbr-2]***.
For first look not too intuitive. (Hmm :confused:)

Well all would work, depends on your preference I’d say.