Antivirus: Recommendation

Hello together,

as you all are probably also handling assets within neos or might have editors that want to upload media using the Media Browser, i’m wondering how you treat the AV topic.

I haven’t found any reference/knowledge article or comment about this so far. But i’m (almost) certain that some must have implemented this already.

I had thoughts about adding clam-av as sidecar container to my neos cms container that just scans a given path in a regular schedule. Anyway, better would be something like a upload-hook that scans the file directly after upload or in best case a sandbox(API?) that first uploads the file into a encapsulated container, scans the file and returns it as a positive/negative result to neos.

I’m without any clue what is possible within neos and also what that could mean to the running container/instance when suddenly a file is being deleted.

Any feedback/knowledge or reference would be great :slight_smile: