Are nested childNodes possible i the NodeType definition?


I want to create a page NodeType, which automatically creates a childNode “teaser”(ContentColllection). In the teaser i further want to autogenerate some headlines and texts Nodetypes, with very limited editorOptions.
So, the editors can simply fill the fields allready there.

type: 'TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection’
type: ‘TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Headline’

This don’t work, no error message occures.


No that is not possible, you could define a new NodeType that extends the TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection add the childNodes and use that as type for the teaser. BUT IMHO you don’t really need the content collection in this case. Just make them direct childNodes (or even properties) of that page NodeType.