Backend content dimensions search/filter functionality seems not to work

Hi guys,
the search/filter box for content dimensions in the backend seems to be not working; whatever thing I type it always returns “No result match [search string]”.

We are experiencing this possible issue on several versions on Neos and it puzzles me cause nobody else reported such a behaviour trherefore I struggled trying to understand what my team and I messed up :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything worng so I installed a demo version of latest Neos with Demo site, with no customizations, and added there our language dimesions little by little and as soon as I reached the limit above which the filter is shown I could experience the issue.

Is anybody else encountering such a iusse? Could we be the only ones?

BTW content dimensions work as expected in our setups as on demo setup.
Only the filter doesn’t work but having to manage 20+ languages mixed with 100+ countries make my editors’ life kinda complicated.


Hey Nicola,

Can confirm, think it’s just not a very commonly used feature. However should be rather easy to fix.

Would you mind opening an issue in the bug trackter


Easy breezy… here!