Backend performance (change and publish)

Hello everybody,

I recently get involved in a running NEOS project and have some severe troubles with the backend performance of NEOS. Updating, saving and publishing single nodes as well as publishing entire pages take a lot of time, at least 20 seconds for each step. Even inserting one word to a text node takes that long. The following requests take that long:

  • Updating a node (e.g. text node): /ui-services/change
  • Publishing a node or page: /ui-services/publish

I assume that NEOS takes that much time for some cache or databases updates. The stated actions call the persistAll() method, for instance. Although the website has six languages and over 100 pages per language, I cannot imagine that this weak update performance is normal.

The rest of the backend as well as the frontend are very fast, only the node updates are slow. We are running Neos 3.3.13 LTS with Neos.Flow 4.3.8, PHP 7.1.23 (FPM) and MySQL 5.7.24.

Do you have any recommendations? Is it worthwhile to migrate to Neos 4 and Flow 5 in order to fix the issue?

Hi, this sounds unusual.

Did you check which FLOW_CONTEXT you have set? If it’s development it slows down things.

Do you also have the issue when there are only few pages in the site?

Do you have the issue in your development environment too?

Thanky for your reply!

FLOW_CONTEXT is set to Production/Live. The issue also appears in the development environment.

I have not tested the issue in a cloned version with a reduced number of pages. I will test it. If I install a fresh NEOS on the same server, I do not see the performance issues. However, some specific extensions are not installed.

I am going to clone the live system and reduce it stepwise (pages, plugins, …) in order to get a clue of the source for the performance issues.

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I am just a NEOS beginner, too. So I cannot give a solid answer.
However I can perhaps give some hints.
I took over a NEOS 2.3 project with 4 customers/domains last year.
Performance for node updates was not excellent for all customers/domains, however very poor for one of them.
I went a little bit in details and could show, those long delays when saving a node occoured always on the client site (browser scripting) while rendering the page.
The server backend (apache, postgres, php) worked very well. At the same customers place, a MAC worked with good performance.

My solution was to suggest more CPU/GPU power for the windows client, which really helped a lot.

After updating to NEOS 4.1 last month, all my customers praise the speed of node updates!

So my answer is: Yes, you should try update to 4.x. If this is not possible, check the clients graphical options.

Hope this helps

Hi Friedhelm,
thanks for the suggestions, I will test it! However, I have already checked the server response time, which is 20-30s for the update actions, implicating an issue on the server’s side. I will report any progress here.