Badges in Discourse

(Robert Lemke) #1

Discourse allows us to configure badges which users earn on specific events (see For example, after creating your first post, answering the 10th question or simply for completing your profile. These badges are based on SQL queries and it’s possible to upload custom icons etc.

Which kinds of badges make sense? Who would like to create a little concept for this?

Maybe a challenge for @hlubek or @benvantende ?

(ben van 't ende) #2

Wow really great to be using Discourse. How awesome it is also in mobile. Let me check what makes sense here. I know a few other community mangers that run Discourse. Christopher will also know a thing or two about badges.

(Dmitri Pisarev) #3

We need a premium-reseller badge for @hlubek and he’ll think about the rest then :slight_smile:

(ben van 't ende) #4

There is a thread on here:

(ben van 't ende) #5

My friends at Nethserver have some custom badges that are quite cool: