Basic Question about extern Identity Provider

Hello again!

My customer ask for his flow application to use alternative login mechanism like login with google, github, fb, …

I’m not sure if its possible to integrate this into a “normal” login page which uses a ‘PersistedUsernamePasswordProvider’. As I understand authorisation is made one after another - like: if first failed the next one is used defined by order in Settings.yaml .

What do think about this?

I suggest you read this thread which touches the same subject and see if it can help you

Hello Soren,

thank’s for your reply! Yes, I’ve already seen this thread and I’ve checked the codes and examples. It seems, I have to go more in depth for my implementation…
Also the ideas in this thread from @bwaidelich is very interesting.

If I got my solution, I’ll will post it here.

I’ve been revisiting the whole authentication process a lot lately (also together with @bwaidelich) - so ask questions along the way, and we can help solve it :slight_smile:

It will be great to get real life user feedback for the work on the RFC: AccountInterface and Authentication rework

You guys might also want to take a look at OpenId Connect, and my Flow package inparticular:

Depending on the OIDC service you use, you can easily integrate other identity providers (Github etc.) through OIDC. For example, if you use Auth0.