Batch actions and freezing reload in the tree

Currently performing batch actions in Neos UI is a pain in the…
For the bright future we should allow batch moving nodes, batch editing some property on multiple selected nodes, performing other tasks etc. Geekish tool would be possibility to run migrations with GUI configurable parameters straight from Neos… But that’s not I wanted to write about.

Rearranging/moving a large amount of nodes, especially content nodes is a process for hours now, as every move triggers page reload. My hackins way around is just to open script editor in Chrome and just disable any page load in Application.js, that works for me but obviously it’d be rather hard to teach our editors to do that.
This hack also allows creating a lot of nodes at quickly, e.g. copy node and paste it multiple times without waiting for reload each time.

My idea was to have some toggle in tree module, that would disable page reloads altogether.
Better solution would be if content structure tree would not freeze on page reload or smth like that, but that’s a lot harder to implement and would take time.
UI-wise this toggle could be somewhere in bottom right corner of the tree. Maybe even have two toggles for each tree? But really it’s only so desperately needed for content tree.
WDYT about this UX hack?

And I’d love to know more in what direction we’re going with speeding up batch actions in Neos UI in general. If we want users to really get engaged with Neos, it should be fast and simple to get a lot of stuff done fast, and currently it is not.

In short it shouldn’t be necessary to wait for the page to reload for doing another change. I know it’s currently the case and it has also annoyed me in the past. However I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t just make the page reloading (which is necessary to display the new/moved content) without influencing the structure tree. I would imagine it’s fairly easy to achieve actually.