Beginner Video Course for Neos Developers


I believe one of the best ways to onboard new developers is via videos tutorials. Laracasts is doing this really well.

Inspired by that, I created a video course to help beginners start their first Neos project. So far it’s 2 hours of content, would love to extend it to around 6h.
Video Course Work-in-Progress

My Question:
How can we best use this for marketing and developer onboarding? Where should we announce it?

And a cost question:
I’m only able to spend some time on it, are others willing to help? Do we have a budget to pay the video cut? Would anyone want to help maintianing those videos once they are released?

@robert @beheist


I can test this videos as a beginer :slight_smile:

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More like this! Thank you!

Do you think it might be a good idea to provide the video in English? Or at least with English subtitles? Let me know any time, if I can help with anything. :slight_smile:

@mbornschein I filmed the intro video in German AND English, all other videos are currently in English only.

Oh cool! Sorry, I could only find the German one :slight_smile: