Beginners-Site for Integrators to understand the concepts

Hi all,
i was just asked by a potential Neos user, if there is a distribution or demo site which is perfect for the soon-to-be-integrator who wants to understand the concepts. He tried the demo package and an empty site but would like to start with something in between. Like a very basic site with no layout stuff but some main content nodes, one simple menu, … as way to have some working examples for NodeTypes, Fusion and Fluid stuff to analyse without distraction.
Do we have anything like this already? A basic site with such simple content and only a few elements could be easily imported into an empty installation, right?
I think such a thing would help getting new integrators started.
What do you think?

When you speak german go to :

there are workshops like:


Thanks Markus! Thats indeed a good entry point. And the resulting simple site can be inspected here: