Best capable Form-Builder for Neos

there are many packages for Neos, also for formBuilder.
It’s not easy to find, nor to install and try them (because of dependency-problems) or to figure out, before installing them, how they are to handle.

Perhaps some of you have experience with well-functioning builder, or about the one FormBuilder who currently is most advanced?

I found also, this interesting video (, but nowhere information about. Does anyone know something about?

####In general:
What form-Builder you are using?
Compatible with current Neos 2.1.6 (composer-installing)?
Is it possible with, to create multi-step/page forms?
Availability if / then Conditions?
Directly usable with «create New", or “Main Menu (hamburger menu in backend)”?

Would appreciate your experiences / recommendations!

Nice one :wink: I know @bwaidelich as a prototype to build form based on node, not sure about the current status.

Hand made :wink: or the big FormBuilder for complex stuff

You can use the FormBuilder standalone and copy / paste the configuration to your neos project, that’s mainly what we did.

Did you try this one (not tested on recent version)


Not from the wizard, but can be done with the TYPO3.Form API

Try the package from SimplyAdmire

I will try the SimplyAdmire package. Thanks for the link. But it require typo3/formbuilder. See there:
“simplyadmire/neos-form-builder-bundle 1.0.0 requires typo3/formbuilder * -> satisfiable by typo3/formbuilder[dev-master] but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability.

But “composer require typo3/formbuilder” don’t work. There is the message
Could not find package typo3/formbuilder at any version for your minimum-stability (stable). Check the package spelling or your minimum-stability"

What can I do? Any ideas?

Copy the files in /Packages/Application don’t work.

The form builder presented in the YouTube video mentioned seems to be work in progress by @miegli:

Maybe @miegli could write some words about his plans and ideas. The general idea looks very good!

Yes, the github repository Neoslive.Nodeform is work in progress. I’m using it for automated tests. Proof of concept is almost done by representing this github repository. Most of the requirements to relaunch our corporate website (@lorenzulrich you know it well;-) are satisfied. So the next steps are (with deadline october 2016):

  • refactoring prototype, documentating
  • implementing missing features
  • more testing and publishing to packagist

The key features are

  • node based creating of forms
  • seamless integration in neos sites
  • infinite levels of nesting conditions (if-then-else)
  • infinite levels of nesting finishers (form steps)
  • every element can used in conditions (also single option of select box)
  • angularJS frontend
  • placeholders (display user inputs anywhere)
  • no installation needed (everything is done over node definitions)
  • add your own finishers, comparison functions and constraints

Predefined (part of first version):

  • Form finisher (infinite nesting of sub forms, form steps/sites)
  • Mail finisher (condition based subjects, recipients, mail content with placeholders)
  • Login finisher
  • Redirect finisher
  • Call webservice finisher
  • Save, share for edit and proof finisher

For experimental purpose you can use right now. No installation needed, just add to your composer.json:

{ "repositories": [ { "type": "git", "url": "" } ], "require": { "neoslive/nodeform": "dev-master" } }

See new video:

Many thanks! It works! Thanks.
I miss a validator, but I think that will come.

May I suggest an idea?
I would like to realize a order-from. There is a small field for a integer value, perhaps only 50px width and after that the label. Thats not a problem with css (float left and so on). But I also need long fields (for name oder adress). So it would be nice if the editor can select aa additional class in the inspector.
Or is the solution for this an own content-element?

Thank you for testing this very early version.

I think, your second solution by creating an own content-element for number fields gives much more flexibility. Soon there would be a node type “number” with the properties min and max. The length of each input fields will result automatically.

The main concept is, that neoslive nodeform builder works without any css declarations. The css served 100% by each neos site themselves. Later - who body knows - simply we can share/copy forms between any neos installation for creating template library.

Please feel free to extend the nodeform nodetypes yourself by adding a property “css class”. There will be a short howto in the documentation soon.

As one of the next new nodetype i will add to this very early version is “calculation node”. For example in an order form you can add ordering sub-/totals or let calculate and showing the transportation costs.

The calculation nodetype can do a lot of more things…

@pamegli any updates on your project?

@dimaip the project is delayed. next deadline for first working version is end of februar, 2017.

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Will it be possible to replace angular with another javascript? Like React, for example? But: It looks really great, I’m very happy to see that!

First public release date is april 2017. Without angular you only can use it in backend (nodes, constraints, etc. are working almost without javascript). But the main application is frontend driven, so angular is a must for this package.

Btw. my realtime search engine package is going public this month. Its using google firebase as data stream! See first trivial demo


Initial documentation of HybridSearch is now available, see

Hi Everybody,
i am currently searching for a formbuilder Package for Neos CMS. Ideally based on Nodetypes. During my search i found this post. Is there any new information about this topic?

If found this but did not try it yet:

It does not seem to be compatible with 3.1 though…

Hi Benno

I have the same needs and I know about 2 solutions based on NodeTypes:

As I need a working solution within the next 2 months for a current project I tend to use those solutions as inspiration and build a package. Maybe I will fork
I plan to start in the next weeks with the work and I am willing to share/publish the outcome.

Will post any update here.


Hi Peter,

i need to do the same and also within the next 4-6 Weeks. Maybe we could work together on that. neos-formbuilder seems to be a good starting point.

Regards, Benno

Hi Benno,

I have started to work on something similar a while ago but never had the exact requirement as to finish my approach… Feel free to get in touch if you can imagine some collaboration here!

Reminder: We’ll have a quick slack call about a better FormBuilder Neos integration in 15 minutes (see RFC: Neos FormBuilder / Fusion-based Form rendering)

Feel free to join if you’re interested or want to chip in with some ideas. I’ll start the call in the #neos-core-dev slack channel at 10:15am CET (alternatively you can comment the linked topic of course)

Just as a notice for anybody who finds this thread:
There is now a official Form Builder with most (or maybe even more) of the features discussed here.


btw my first neos form builder project is replaced by