Best NodeType Development process > flush nodeType cash only

After create or change some code in NodeTypes.yaml I have to clear the cache. Otherwise, the Backend isn’t on the current state.
So I do (repair only for safety)

./flow node:repair
./flow flow:cache:flush --force

But with this process, I have to wait a long time, after the Neos-Website is back (think, because reconstruction of the hole cash). And after that, I have to re-login on and on…

Is there some better process? Can’t find something matching in doc.
Does anyone know something better? Maybe a specific flow command to flush the particular cash only of nodeTypes?
There is the --identifier as Argument, but I can’t find a List of identifier.

Hey @mad ,

same problem here.
Since Version 2.2 there is a new NodeType Cache.
Its a known bug and @christianm fixed it already
From Slack Chan:

Christian Müller [5:40 PM]
@sporerd @dbuecker @soee found the bug with NodeTypes updates

pushing now

I think it will roll out on next patch release.

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Might take a few days because ideally we want to get more bugfixes in, but I keep that in mind and do it asap.

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The fix from @christianm is available in Flow 3.2.2

@mad Can you confirm if it solve the issue for you ?

Hey christianm (and dfeyer),
no longer kill hundred times the Neos-cash –> really helpful and much more faster!

Have not tested particularly deep, but changes in existing translation-files .xlf and NodeType-files .yaml are immediately available after a full-reloaded Backend-browser-window. Cool!

Deeper tests with new Files and other stuff will follow next week. But why should it be different…
Thanks a lot!

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