Best Practise: Integration of simple search functionality

Hey folks,
can somebody give me a short tutorial for integrating a simple site search?

I suggest you start with this plugin here: and use it togehter with wich does all the indexing based on sqlite.

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First, thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately i get an Error when using them both together:

The object "Flowpack\ElasticSearch\ContentRepositoryAdaptor\ElasticSearchClient" which was specified as a property in the object configuration of object "Flowpack\SearchPlugin\Controller\SuggestController" (automatically registered class) does not exist.

Same problem here: Using SearchPlugin with SimpleSearch

How to get started without the SearchPlugin?

Basically you dont’need the plugin … that is just the user interface.

Simple search implements indexing for this package here … … this is where the Search-Eeel Helper and the QueryBuilder come from.

Some fusion code to use this directly could look like this:

@context {
  searchQuery = ${Search.query(site).fulltext('TYPO3.Neos:Document')}
count = ${searchQuery.count()}
results =  ${searchQuery.from(0).limit(10).execute()}

Note: Beware of untested code above … this is just an example

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