Best way to migrate from Flow 4.x to 6

Hallo together!

One of my Flow applications is still in flow 4.3.15.
Due to lag of time I’ve postponed the migration until now.
Is there a best practise to do it?
Do I have to migrate to 5.x first and in a second step to 6? (seems like that.)
Are there any pitfalls?

So may questions … :wink:

Thx for your answers!

Hi Frank :slight_smile:

Read through the upgrade instructions for the different versions here

each version can bring new stuff and require migration to be executed - it’s mostly automatically done with CLI :slight_smile:

Hello Søren,

thanks alot! But my application is “pure flow” (not a NEOS installation).
I’ve read this already.
But an earlier migration messed up all my code and databse too (don’t know any more, may b to was from 2.x to 3.x). Now I’m scared … :wink:
I’ll check the step from 4 to 5 next days and I will report here.

Just go to 6 without intermediate steps but make sure to apply code migrations and read the release notes.

The code is hard to mess up, since the migration tooling only works on a clean git repo.

The database, well create a backup first. :sunglasses:

Same rules applies, as the release notes follows each others, and Flow migraiton as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for your hint, Søren!

I’ll x-check an compare the documentations.
And I will write down my notes. I’m very expectant! :wink:

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