Bigger code cleanup effort

I started a rather big attempt at improving the code base on Flow towards avoiding unneeded else statements and reducing indentation some time ago:

This PR however touches so many places, that it is hard to merge without breaking all other PRs (and needs to be rebased pretty quickly if it isn’t merged).

I think the effort is very well worth it, as it improves code readability quite a bit, but the question is how to get it in with the least pain.

I guess there’s two ways to go about this, if it is to be attempted:

  • the quick shot, try to find a good time frame when no big PRs are outstanding, then rebase and merge it quickly and get all other PRs rebased

  • the slow poke, split the changes to many small focused PRs that only touch as few as possible files, then get those merged step by step

The first involves a one-time big effort and will cause a lot of side effects to other PRs at once. The second involves a long running effort and will only cause limited side effects to other PRs (but possibly repeatedly).

So, what’s your take on this?

  • Don’t bother with this change, it’s not worth the effort
  • Go for the single quick shot, do it asap
  • Go for the single quick shot, but wait for the best point in time
  • Go for the long running effort, do it step by step

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If you choose “Go for the single quick shot, but wait for the best point in time”, please leave a comment what criteria you would put in place for “best point in time”.

Looking forward to your feedback

That’s why I did so many (in itself already quite big refactoring PRs), you won’t manage otherwise. Also eventual bugfix follow up will be much harder to do.

IMHO step by step is the only way to do this.

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So thanks everyone that voted, I guess it’s clear that going with the step-by-step attempt is the way to go. I’ll go that route!


It’s tedious but worth it. Thanks a lot for your efforts!

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