Bitnami installer Mac

i just tried to install the bitnami neos installer on a mac (10.11.6). Installation doesn’t finish (says “Creating database - this may take a minute” for ages now). Did anyone try the bitnami package locally on a mac yet?
Is there another easy way to get a dev environment up quickly?

greets, Thomas

You only need Git PHP, composer and a local MySQL.

  • Git is already on your mac
  • For MySQL there is an official installer
  • PHP can be installed via Homebrew
  • Composer can be downloaded directly

Most web-developers will have at least some of those tools already installed.

The installation of neos is described here in detail:

It boils down to:

  1. clone the Neos base-distribution from
  2. run composer update
  3. start neos via ./flow server:run
  4. complete the setup via setup-tool http://hostname:port/setup

Instead of the setup-tool you can achieve the same via cli aswell

  1. crete db
  2. add the db-credentials to Configuration/Settings.yaml
  3. ./flow user:create …
  4. ./flow site:import …

thank you. Will try it.