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This is the current state of what I want to have as the landing page for

I’ll push that to the git repo soonish, and then I need some server to host a simple Flow application as well as some nginx proxy setup. This is needed to have the Neos and Flow docs available under and respectively.


Very cool! Thanks :slight_smile:

We have the two DigitalOcean boxes, can’t we use one of those?

I guess “hardware” is not the problem, but the whole container setup thing… I’d like to use the same stuff as is in operation for and so on… Not create yet another piece if infrastructure.

looks great, thanks for the efforts!
Would it mean a lot of work to add there, too?

No, it just a matter of making the documentation render with plain Sphinx. I have done that for Flow and Neos already, it’s not hard to do. Then we can add it to, and everything the “neos” user there has “management” access to, shows up in the “Other Documentation” section.

Is that related to what is on @cognifloyd and me had a meeting with Jessica Rose, who is pretty much into doc writing and Write The Docs. We are trying to get some attention for Jacob’s thing and maybe raise some budget on that front.

Maybe we can handle it to bring live while the code sprint

@kdambekalns looks great indeed, still a question though: why not try to include this on directly?

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Yes, as the screenshot says it is linked to We render the documentation for Neos and Flow there, planning to serve it from our own domain via a proxy (because we want SSL and have more than one “project” served under the same domain). Any other packages we maintain will have their documentation rendered on as well, but we just link there (no proxy or own domain).

In a nutshell: we are just regular users with a custom landing page.

Also an option, the idea of a subdomain admittedly originates from their out-of-the-box support for using a subdomain.

So, we could make that landing page a plugin / helper / whatever on a Neos page and then have the actual docs for Neos and Flow proxied below there - but that would have a different look and is confusing. Or do you think of just having that landing page on the Neos website and serve the docs from In that case, what is the content on the root of that domain?

I would do the landing page only on what do you mean with

Well, we (will/want to) have, and if you go to you see the Neos docs. Same story, but different, for Now, what do you see if you go to just That’s where the landing page comes into play so far…

Hey Karsten,

can’t we just add it code-wise to the neos instance; but still use as subdomain?

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some relevant info on how you can help write docs and add two colums, one for flow and one for neos like

maybe with only the titles

Ok, so what I suggested in this topic. That list you suggest, is the landing page I think of. So what is the landing page you think of that should be only on

You mean to just avoid having to set up a new vhost?

Yeah, but you are right that’s not really worth it.

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I discussed that futher with @robert on the way to the code sprint and it could be solved like this:

[1] do not serve it from e.g. because the design/structure is different and that would be confusing

  • sounds like a plan
  • no, that is weird

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So, I created some code to use inside Neos (pull request) and created some content on the website:

  • renamed Learn > Documentation to Learn > Get Started
  • added a (hidden) shortcut so /learn/documentation.html still works
  • Moved the (old) Documentation top level item around and reactivated it
  • Added a Library page underneath to hold the code from the PR
  • Added a Contribute page explaining how to write and render documentation

Those are all not yet published, as I need to have the new code deployd first.

Achievement unlocked! :rocket:

Feel free to have a look at and and fix any issues you may find. :wink: