Broken links, appended by @user

I have noticed that Neos is adding user link addition like ‘@user-michal;language=da’ sometimes when editing content. I am not yet sure when and on what circumstances it behaves like that but deffinitelly it is for different users. It might happen that I am editing one link, then saving and the other links in same content may become appended by ‘@user-michal;language=da’ which causes those links unusable for normal visitors of website. The main problem is that the redactors are often not aware of that change (they do not do this consciously) so it leads to the situation where there might be a lot of broken links accross the whole page…

Does anyone had similar situation maybe or know (any hint?) what it can be caused by? I am begginer with Neos.

Normally link should not be stored with the @user information in a node type property, so this look strange.

Working with more than one editor on the same node can lead to problem (last save win, …) but I’m not aware of your issue currently.

Can you confirm that you issue happen in the backend context (so you don’t have the @user in the URL when not logged in the backend ?

In general links are stored using the identifier (#0a3eb1ec-0f9d-d659-1cdf-106a6e71fc4d) and not the node context path (/sites/acmecom/test@user-bla). Are you referring to inline links (top bar) or ones made in the inspector using the link editor or references editor?

Hi, thank you for quick response:)

@dfeyer it happens in the frontend context - so if I open a page in the browser where not logged in into the backend. That’s the main problem because those are the links which are seen by the website users and actually they are leading to backend in many places on the website.

aertmann: I am referencing to this functionality - as below.

Actually I have just reproduce this behaviour moment ago.

  1. Logged in into backend.
  2. Started editing some content which has 7 links inside.
  3. Edited only one link.
  4. Publish all.

The link which I have edited is just fine. But the rest are appended with @user now even i didn’t touched them… So they are unusable for fronted users now. I will keep trying to observe it.

Thanks for the details, can you check how your 7 links are stored in the property column in the node table ? As describe by @aertmann you should see the node UUI (ex: 0a3eb1ec-0f9d-d659-1cdf-106a6e71fc4d) as link placeholder, this UUID is processed in TS during rendering.

@dfeyer I am looking in table typo3_typo3cr_domain_model_nodedata, field properties. If link is ‘broken’ in frontend it is stored in database as
<a href=\"\/PATH/PATH/PATH@user-michal;language=da.html\" data-gentics-aloha-repository=\"node-repository\" data-gentics-aloha-object-id=\"6b995a2d-dd7d-2081-212a-beeead804973\">NAME<br\/><\/a>

Of course I have replaced real path with /PATH/PATH…

If link is correct in frontend then it is stored in database as:

<a href=\"node:\/\/2b140ad1-d70d-df65-66a7-3086a4f0a40a\" data-gentics-aloha-repository=\"node-repository\" data-gentics-aloha-object-id=\"2b140ad1-d70d-df65-66a7-3086a4f0a40a\">NAME<br\/><\/a>

What I have observed is that the links are getting broken only at first save. So imagine there are 7 links in content:

  1. I am opening page in backend and starting editing content.
  2. Editing link number 1 - saving and publishing content. All links but 1 are broken now.
  3. I am still editing same content (without refresh of whole page). I am correcting link number 2. After publishing link 1-2 are correct. 3-7 are broken.
  4. Still editing same content - correct link number 4. Saving and publish. 1,2,4 are correct, rest are broken.
  5. I am refreshing backend view (reloading whole page). I am correcting link number 5. After saving and publishing only number 5 is valid. The rest is broken…

So it looks like it breaks all links at first save only… Makes any sense?

Look like a bug, can you fill an issue ?

If you need help, ping me here or on slack

Hi @mcyg - any news on this one? Did you open an issue or has this been resolved?