Bug in Media module: Uploading multiple images in backend causes Media module to stop working

Up until now, uploading pictures with the Media module worked just fine.

But now the Media module stops sending server answers after uploading an image until I flush the flow cache.

The images upload fine, though, and after flushing the cache I can continue working like usual …
except for listview and pagination not working.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Now that I think about it: This problem might be related to NEOS failing to install properly at step 3 of the setup wizard:

After selecting the Site Package and clicking next, the webserver doesn’t react for the next page.
You are still able to browse the new neos installation, but there are no images.

After further testing I finally figured out how to reliably install a new NEOS site, even though the installation of the bootstrapdemo fails mid-install.

  1. Install Neos until it asks you to select a site package. Select the bootstrapdemo and click next.
  2. Install will fail. Server won’t send data.
  3. Go back to the previous page and install AGAIN.
  4. should work this time around.

However, I still have the problem that in the media module all activity ceases once I try to display images in list-view.
Also, batch uploading images will work, but media module is down until I flush the flow cache again.

After an flow update my web-site was broken. Every picture wasn’t found and each element called an exception. The Neos navigation menu ‘Media’ shows only a blank page.
A ‘./flow doctrine:migrationstatus’ shows
’2015-09-13 17:39:35 (20150913173935) TYPO3.Media not migrated’

In the PostreSQL backend i update the ‘typo3_media_domain_model_thumbnail’ table with 2 fields, named ‘configuration’ and ‘configurationhash’ of the type ‘text’.
Now all pictures renderd and the ‘Media’ all assest displayed.

well, I seem to have a different problem, because even though I don’t have those columns, all images are shown in the frontend. even after flushing the cache.

And I don’t just get a blank page - I get no server response at all.

Solution: Buck Neos 2.0.x
Re-Install 1.2.13

I had a blank page in the media module. No error in log, except in nginx.log where I see that the connection to php-fpm was reseted.
Because I knew that a memory issue can lead php-fpm to stop processes, I added some RAM to the server and everything went fine then.

I hope you did that using doctrine:migrate, and not manually?

This is a recurring topic, but there must be some log message somewhere: Data/Logs, Apachec/nginx log, PHP log, syslog, …

But “it’s not working” will not enable anyone to help you out.

No, if i try to migrate via ‘doctrine:migrate’ this paket will not mirgrate. So i have to migrate manually.

What happens if you call doctrine:migrate? What is the output?

Notice: Undefined index: maximumwidth in /home/sites/site12/web/Neos-2.0/Packages/Application/TYPO3.Media/Migrations/Postgresql/Version20150913173935.php line 26

Type: TYPO3\Flow\Error\Exception
Code: 1
File: Packages/Framework/TYPO3.Flow/Classes/TYPO3/Flow/Error/ErrorHandler.php
Line: 80

Open Data/Logs/Exceptions/20151221142956e877a0.txt for a full stack trace.
See http://pastebin.com/PztW8rQa

@procube Did you have the column maximumwidth in your table before the migration ?

Sounds really strange if the column is introduced in the migration Version20141118174900