Changes to translation project setup on Crowdin

Hi there,

I started to document the translation process of Neos and Flow. When I was about to describe the fact that the translations are distributed across multiple projects (one per project) I had an idea…

So I created a Crowdin configuration file and uploaded “all” Neos packages’ translations into one project. This works fine and has the following advantages:

  • all translations are in one project
  • duplicate strings can thus be consistently translated
  • unified translation memory
  • unified glossary is possible
  • progress overview is easier

When switching to this approach, all existing translations are of course preserved.

Anything you might want to know or comment on? Something I have missed?


How is export handled then? Can we split the stuff on export so we preserve separation between packages and label types?

But generally sounds good of course.

Just for my understanding: you propose to have one joint Crowdin project for Neos and Flow instead of two separate projects, right?

If so, great! It’s good to keep it simple for everyone. If you have an answer to Christian’s question …

No, I propose to have one Neos and one Flow project instead of one for Neos (bundling Neos, Kickstarter, Media, Setup, …) and one for Flow (bundling Flow, Fluid, …). So probably even better. But we could of course have those Flow and Neos “bundles” together in one project even.

One to rule them all?! Like this if you agree.

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I can’t judge at the moment which impact it would have technically, but from a translator’s / community member’s point of view, it would help to have just one project (shared translation memory and such).

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The same as import - the files come and go from and to their “original” locations. Like so:

Oh great, that looks neat. Then IMHO there is nothing speaking against that.

One project to rule them all, sounds good :slight_smile: If there are no technical problems, go ahead.

Ok, so let’s go for this. First step (trying out) is done, next step is to merge these changes to the tooling:

The project “restructure our Crowdin usage” is done now! I’ll post a little overview as a new (linked) topic.