Collecting "Domain" Experts for Neos and Flow

As just discussed in the Neos Team retrospective, I’d like to start creating a list of areas in Neos and Flow and check who knows best about them / would be up for being a main contact for conceptual questions in that regard. For example, if everybody knows that Dominique is “owner” of the media features in Neos, when someone comes across a pull request which touches that area, he could ping Dominique to give some quick feedback if the PR is conceptually feasible or is going into the wrong direction. Dominique wouldn’t have to do a real review, but just do a quick assessment.

Sooo, let’s start by compiling a list of possible areas / fields in Neos / Flow and if there is some person you think is just natural as a contact in that area (Bastian for Routing, eh?) then just note that down as well.

When the list is done, we’ll see what the next steps are, if / how to formalize this and so on.


  • Content Repository
  • Web Services
  • Security
  • User Experience
  • Workspaces
  • TypoScript
  • Media


  • AOP
  • Resource Management
  • Property Mapping
  • Security
  • HTTP
  • Routing
  • Fluid

@sebastian I made it a wiki now

Nice to be cited as example :wink: I’m pretty fine with example.

I would maybe even suggest to have multiple persons for each part (if there are more than one person that has deep knowledge about it). There could still be a head person, though I think such a strict hierarchy would not fit the general team spirit of openness and democratic decision making.
Anyway, there are always times were one person is not available for a longer period, so it’s really helpful to have a second person to ask for quality input - and even if not, a lot of times it’s invaluable to have a second opinion, because even a field expert can overlook things from time to time.

I don’t have that deep insight into the specializations of the team members yet (and can only say sth about Flow ofc), but I know that Karsten knows a lot about Flows Persistence Layer and Bastian has done a lot of work on HTTP and Routing. Andi is the Security guy from what I learned and Christian M. did quite some work on the Reflection stuff. You Robert I have in mind for AOP, HTTP and Resource Management. (no claim for this list to be complete nor correct)

I myself have collected quite some insights into Doctrines Annotation Driver and the Property Mapper, so I’ll gladly provide feedback to my best knowing for those parts in special.
For AOP, HTTP, MVC, Validation and Fluid I think I have solid understanding of the workings, so I also can give my 2cents on those parts. Resource Management and Security are currently my weakest points about Flow.

Maybe it would make sense to create some kind of poll, where everyone can just give a weighted vote (0/1/2 or sth.) on his knowledge for each part and we derive a list of up to 2-3 people for each, which can be published. That poll could be redone once or twice a year, since interests/focus change or people might leave the team, etc. What do you think?


I would like to claim the CR as I have done a lot in the that area over the last years.

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