Combine Neos/Flow FAQ?

Hey everybody,

I am currently thinking whether we should combine the Neos and Flow FAQ categories into one; as many questions for Flow (Settings, Caches, …) might also make sense for Neos.

What do you think?

Greets, Sebastian

The question is what Flow-only users would prefer or if following advice from the Neos FAQ would cause confusion. But I guess it makes sense to have one FAQ and then distinguish topics by well-chosen categories.

An FAQ category somehow collides with the use of Stack Overflow, don’t you think? And it should be ease to find Flow and Neos specific questions even in a combined FAQ, so we’d need categories for that, still.

yes, you have a point there. I think we still need an FAQ, so we have the most important bits at one place, but less general questions should go to Stack Overflow.

We need an FAQ document, but that should/could be on the website, not a “thread” that is “hidden” in here. I’d not go to a “forum” when looking for an FAQ :slight_smile:

Hey Karsten,

my idea to use discourse was so people can add questions/answers easily themselves, without us merging a pull request or doing things like that. What about pulling the information from here and display it on the website or so?

Re StackOverflow: Problem is: Most often people currently ask on Slack; and it raises barriers if we a) create a post and directly answer it on SO (which IMHO is forbidden by their rules), b) ask people to ask on SO instead…


Yes, but a) you came up with the idea of SO (based on the Ember community practice) and b) I like the idea of tying in SO more. And we don’t have to do anything over at SO so I don’t get the “pull request” analogy.

Hey Karsten,

currently, people often approach us in Slack channels asking for help. Instead of replying there, I thought it would be great to directly create some “documentation” / FAQ entry and link it to there. That was my main point :smile:

That is not possible with SO, as we’d need to post request and response right in the same step. Or at least it is weird, isn’t it?

Greets, Sebastian

Hey everybody,

just found out we can mark forum topics as WIKI – This way, they will be editable by everybody :smiley:

I think actually this is pretty great! Especially for our FAQ.

Greets, Sebastian

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I absolutely love and support the idea to move valuable qs/answers to forum in a form of wiki/cookbook. There’s so much going on Slack and it’s sometimes hard to find these informations afterwards. So… .big +++ from me :wink: