Commenting through Discourse

From what I read and understand we can use Discourse perfectly as commenting system, but of course there needs to be a connector for that. Here is an example of WordPress integration:

Please let me know what you think and I can include a request for this integration into Neos in the ‘Neos Weekly’. That will also benefit the marketing of Neos of course.


I agree fully, and should be nice to have discourse as a commenting system for the news / blog post on, I can check how to integrate this.

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That would be great and it would be great if you could assess how much work that is.

I can log my working time, I can start a draft of the package for next week. I prefer the #noestimate way :wink: a basic package could be easy, the full version (authentication, …) will need a bit more love. So let’s start with something simple and see if the community can help.

If you set something up that has a home I (we) can do some social media around that. I agree with basic functionality first. It will be great to have commenting thru Discourse.

First we need to open our Discourse to the public, before communicating too much around it :wink:

The home for this package will be I can open some issue until next week for a basic description of the required feature, and start working on the package next week.

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I would love to see comments like in, contextualized. Can discourse do something like that?

If so, I would really love to find a way to integrate it with our docs we people can make comments about certain doc sections without scrolling to the bottom or having to quote and lose the context of what they’re commenting on. That would be a boon to refactoring/revising the docs.

That’s not planned for the first version, but maybe later on we can have this kind of feature, not sure currently.