Community group tasks and action items

I will not be able to make it to the meeting on Tuesday. I will be at the PHP conference in Berlin.

We talked about community about two weeks ago and I made the small abstract on Slack you can find with the URL above. It was hard to find back to see what we talked about and what action points we actually had. Christian put one on Discuss.

How are we going to deal with the issues and action items we raise in those community group meetings? As far as I can see now it would be best to create a community category on Jira -

What do you think?

More activities we have in Discourse better it is IMHO

I’d be happy if you posted most of this in Discourse in a thread like “Community Group meeting xx/xx/15”. You could use such a thread for planning the meeting and then post some summary in the end. If there are tasks to do, I think it’s best to put them into Jira. But it would be helpful if you could link individual tasks in the summary in the Discourse thread.

Maybe you can also use some sort of labelling / tagging in Jira for your tasks. Using a tag like “community-group-meeting-xxyy15” would allow you to create filters so you always have an up to date list of open or resolved tasks.

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