Community Group Hangout on 9th June 2015

Community Group Hangout on 9th June 2015


  • Tools like / can help, use whatever is good in your area
  • Centrally preparing resources, like website template, logo template etc. (later)
  • Prepared Slides to show off Neos on other meetups (should be provided soonish)

Writing Toolkit / Guide

  • Do we need something?
  • Write articles in magazines!

Discuss roadmap / future

  • Put up some information discussed internally to discuss (TODO after discuss is ready)
  • Open discussion up

Weekly Digest

  • Aske / Christian collect information (will take care)
  • Split between outbound “prosa” style high level info and low level (code, internals etc.)
  • possible to involve Ben?


  • Spread the word
  • Neos Book?
  • Means to get international and in places where we are unknown

Code sprints

  • Plan next sprints
  • Budget?
  • Longer sprint(s) (like full week)

Thanks for posting, @kitsunet. For the next meeting I suggest to create a new thread with the meeting purpose / date in its subject.


Hey Christian,

thanks for writing this summary :slight_smile: I think @Tobias will be also available to help writing News articles etc (he’s just currently on holidays, though)

All the best,

As an admin / moderator you can split a single post in multiple post … this tool is pretty nice

++ and the list of participants would be interesting, too

if we include he link to the google hangout all attendants will be visible

Good idea, but I doubt that this is persistent (as in still available after a long time)… Anyways I think the “template” for our General Meeting protocols is pretty good and could be used for all kinds of meeting protocols