Concept Neos Con Website

Hi all,

in preparation of next year’s Neos Con I’ve thought about the Neos Con website. Actually it’s hard to find and not very attractive to look at. In my mind that’s a huge “mismatch” to Neos’ capabilities. Placing it within the page also limits the flexibility in terms of structure.

So I gathered some inspiration along other events and conference websites and came up with an idea for a new independent Neos Con Website. I wrote everything down regarding structure and visual concept:

Just to make things explicit: The look and feel of a new Neos Con website should match, so that it’s clear that both belong together and we can easily reuse and extend existing elements.

Would love to hear what you think!


Hey everybody,

just to add some things to this:

  • actually, Neos Conference is almost the only conference which does not have a dedicated conference page.
  • We’d like to implement the new website during the Neos Sprint next week here in Dresden :slight_smile:
  • Technically, we’d run it in the same Neos instance, as a separate Site which inherits from the NeosIo site (similar to how we run
  • we’d run it on - we’ve preregistered the domain already :slight_smile:

All the best,