Contacts management

Hello everyone,

I have a question how would you approach following task:

I am building website for a company which have employees. Each employee has a name, image, belongs to some department and has further detailed information like phone, adress, etc…

Client would like to use this information throughout different content node types like Contacts List (List of manually picked employees), Quote (Chosen employee is author of the quote), Sidebar contact (shown only in sidebar area of specific page) and contact can be also an author of a blog/news post.

I know I should create a NodeType.Document.Contact for it and make all usage of the contact as a relation to this Nodetype.
Unfortunately for me, this brings two small issues:

  1. Contacts shouldn’t have a detail page. Is there some possibility to exclude this node type from rendering and throw 404 error when somebody would like to access such page.
  2. Is it possible to group these contacts somehow? If company has hundreds employees, it is getting really massy to have everything under one page. When I split it to pages according to department, then there is again problem that this department pages needs some content since they are accessible via url. I found something like folder page type in breadlesscode/neos-nodetypes-folder package, but this is not compatible with Neos 5 and when you type in exact uri, it still gets rendered.

It looks like you have similar issue with detail pages on your website as well: where this “footer-content”, I guess, should be just a folder and not actual document. Or similar all your reference categories, like here:

Thank you for your help and thoughts.


Hi this is an issue that often occurred. I usually advise the customer to use those category pages. But in those cases where it won’t make sense you can either let those pages inherit from shortcut and set a default value or you modify the renderer to prevent their rendering in the frontend and finally lead to 404 or redirect

And thanks for reporting the issue on :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW in the backend you can also manage those nodes as content instead of documents and build a little admin interface on your category pages. Also has a package for auto sorting document nodes.

Hello @sebobo,

thank you very much for your quick answer. I will go down the road with custom redirect to 404 page for these NodeTypes.