Content Dimensions not created

my team and i are facing a very strange issue.
We are working on a project with shared codebase and website contents. During the development of the project we needed to introduce content dimensions (we have a specific package to do this and other related stuff) so we added via composer, updated the project on each workstation (as many other times) and everything was working but on one specific workstation where no content dimension gets created, in detail:

  • no selector in backend;
  • no content in /neos/service/content-dimensions
  • via Chrome Session Storage inspector I get the same empty value
  • node:migrate has no effect
  • keeps complaining about invalid dimensions (obviously)

The strange thing is that wherever I instal this project everything seems to work just fine, but on that workstation nothing seems to fix the issue.
I even tried:

  • to switch browsers to avoid session storage issues
  • to dump a working db and restore it on the bugged workstation
  • erase everything on the workstation and start again from scratch

What am I missing? Is there something else I did not try?

Thank you very much

It could be an issue of package loading order.


./flow package:rescan

Hi @christianm,
I did already try that (many times) with no luck :pensive: .

Thanks anyway,

Hey Nicola,

you can try to check your configuration using:

  • in version >= 3.0: ./flow configuration:show --type Settings --path Neos.ContentRepository.contentDimensions
  • in version < 3.0: flow configuration:show --type Settings --path TYPO3.TYPO3CR.contentDimensions

If they do not appear there, it is a general config problem; wihc might be caused due to wrong package loading order. You can check Configuration/PackageStates.php and see whether the ordering is different between your systems.

All the best,