ContentDimensions and backend language switch


we’re using Neos for a website with 2 languages: en and de.
The content should be separated at all.

My configuration looks like:

        label: 'Language'
        icon: 'icon-language'
        default: 'de_DE'
        defaultPreset: 'de_DE'
            label: 'English'
            values: ['en_US']
            uriSegment: 'en'
            label: 'Deutsch'
            values: ['de_DE']
            uriSegment: ''

The uriSegment of de_DE is empty because german should be visible as default and en_US with Seems like to work.

Problem: With this config I cant switch the language in the backend.
I see the language switch (English and German), but can’t switch it.

Thanks for your help.

Did you migrate the existing nodes to work with dimensions?

./flow node:migrate 20150716212459

If not, this should be the problem here.

Also have a look at