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Hey guys,

due to new privacy policies most websites need to have a cookie banner. Does anybody of you already have a package (like the Borlabs Plugin for Wordpress) that can handle multiple services and give the option that each service can be enabled/disabled individually?

Best option would be to have some fields for each service (name, group, cookies set by this service, JS-Code triggered, when enabling this service).

As we are deploying this for our customers right now, i could investigate some time to develop this, but would be happy to get any feedback on this.


As many people asked for it, it would be great if maybe some agencies can collaborate on that. Maybe even having it as Flowpack package at some point.

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We are also working on a similar solution. It should be a follow-up to (without third-party tools), but with more detailed functionality as in Borlabs. I think it might be something for you. We are also happy to get input on the use cases of other agencies. Feel free to contact me on Slack. Maybe we can talk about it in detail. I think it’s easier than here in the forum :slight_smile:

Slack: @ndroste

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For the sake of completeness here is a little info:

We have published a follow-up package, which pays more attention to the opt-in directive. It is also ready-to-run and quite simple to set up.

Info page:

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions :slight_smile: