Copy a node to different page in different dimension

Hello everyone

Have a problem copying a node. As soon as I copy a content node from one document to another document (in another dimension!), it creates a node variant. This leads to unwanted results, especially with dimension dependent page structures.

What do you think? Should a node have different variants on different document nodes?
Should a copy of a node be created in another dimension as a variant or as a new node?

Good question… From the top of my head I would say: Yes, it could because the structure of the CR could differ per dimension.

Yes I agree. The problem in that case, then I have the one identifer on different pages. Or is this the one special case where an identifier is no longer “unique”?

What if an editor copy a node and the system do something with this identifier. In that case it definitively should not be a variant.

And now I realize that this scenario can also have a big advantage.

A node identifier is only unique within a given context (ie dimension set)