Could TYPO3CR/Nodes and Dimensions really power a shop?

After some initial work with the taxonomy project I wanted to find out more about what was possible with nodes - and especially dimensions.

About the project

So, I ended up trying to implement a shop. Dimensions is right up that alley for products where sizes, colors and translations (the already known language dimension) will come at some point.

I started with the following structure


All of these steps having there own nodeType for easier filtering later on and the Product got a nodeType that had a “abstract” product nodeType as superType.

Picture for you

The thing about dimension

What I have learned so far, is that:

Once you introduce Dimensions, all your nodes need at least one - or they can’t be found

In this case, I started implementing language but all of a sudden i wasn’t able to query /shops root - because it didn’t have at least one dimension.

In this case language doesn’t make sense for a shop to have that as a required dimension

We can always argue about that - but instead of language imagine that it was size i started implementing… That wouldn’t make sense at all for a shop - right

For me, the language dimension was only meant to be for a Product but that doesn’t seem to be possible, because then that product would be “left alone” with no connection to the root?

Can’t you set a default?

As this can end up holding several shops, there is no “default”. A french guy can create a shop, a german, a dane and so on, all of them having different “default” - so who/why am I to judge what should be default. And then again:

The default value of what dimension? Sizes? Color? For a shop?

The bug/big question

How should I go around this, where a dimension is only relevant for 1 nodeType and not for the whole tree of nodes?

To give a hands on example, let’s stick to this:

A T-shirt is created as a product. This t-shirt got different colors (dimension “color”) and sizes (dimension “size” - S, M, L, XL etc.).

How is this possible to implement, without generating dimensions for nodes, that doesn’t work with such thing.

The always great @dimaip just described the actual need in one simple line

yeah, you describe it perfectly clear. You need some node-specific dimensions

A link to a pull request from @kdambekalns showing what seems to be the exact concept I’m describing above (from looking at the behat test)

Thanks @dimaip for the heads up!