Create a new Individual nodes - problem

Welcome everyone.

I have a problem when adding a new “Individual node” in my application. I created files so where are the files of other nodes:

  • NodeTypes.Test.yaml
  • Test.fusion
  • Test.html

In the administration panel, when I try to add a new one, in the “individual nodes” section, my “Test” module does not exist next to the others. What else do I need to do to make it work?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @morales ,

I’m a newbie with Neos, but my suspicipon is that you might want to add sth. like:

          label: 'Abschnitte'
          position: 'after general'
          label: 'Inhalte'
          position: 'after general'

in Settings.yaml inside the Configuration folder of your site.

Regards, Jan

Thanks for the answer, but I can see that in settings.yaml I have all groups defined. Only this particular module is missing in one of the groups.

Ah, okay. Then sadly I cant’t help.
Let us know what you needed to do to solve your issue.

Good luck!

Hey, make sure you have cleared the cache (Neos and browser).

Also use ./flow configuration:show --type NodeTypes to make sure the configuration is loaded correctly.

When I try to run ./flow I get a syntax error, because I have a php 5 version instead of php 7. Until I install newer php I can not do anything but thanks for the answer because I think that the cache can be the reason.